Ljubo Georgiev Architecture

May 4, 2012


By: Ljubo Georgiev

Architecture as an infrastructure for life; an open-ended infrastructure, which leaves space for the unexpected to happen. Architecture, which is meant to be completed by its users, on an on. Architecture as both shaping and being shaped by the social, economical and political processes active in the contemporary city.

I practice architecture not as a purely aesthetic experience, but rather as a managerial one. I engage myself with the problems of our world.

I was born in 1981 in Sofia (BG), finished school in 2000 in Edinburgh (UK), started university in 2000 in Venice (IT) and finished it in 2007 in Delft (NL).

My work experience includes working at Manzelle Studio di Architettura in Venice (intern), LP Consult in Sofia (junior architect), ZUS in Rotterdam (intern), Claus en Kaan in Amsterdam (architect) and MVRDV in Rotterdam (architect).

In 2009-2010 I worked under the name studioLjubo, in 2010-2012 I was partner at de+ge architecten, and in 2012 I established LjuboGeorgiev as the place, where my various projects come together.

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